Lexington Independents Updates Savannah Christian Dining Hall

Lexington Independents

Source: Buzalka, Mike. “Cafeteria renovation elevates menu choice for prep school students.” Food Management, 13 October 2021, https://www.food-management.com/k-12-schools/cafeteria-renovation-elevates-menu-choice-prep-school-students.

A renovation of the Savannah Christian Preparatory School cafeteria provides students more choices and plenty of snack options through a new scatter station system.

A joint renovation project of the Commons 51 full-service cafeteria at Savannah Christian Preparatory School in Georgia by the school and dining partner Lexington Independents, a unit of Elior North America, provides students more choices and plenty of snack options.

The fresh new look to the venue incorporates a scatter station food system that lets students pick and choose what they want to get.  

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