Lexington Independents Gives Students More Choices at Savannah Christian Prep

Lexington Independents

Dining Renovation Gives Savannah Christian Students More Choices, Healthy Snack Options from Unique Coffee Shop


Savannah, Georgia, September 28, 2021 — A joint renovation provided by Savannah Christian Preparatory School and its dining partner, Lexington Independents, provides students more choices and plenty of snack options!

A fresh new look to the “Commons 51” full-service dining hall offers a new scatter station food system which gives students the opportunity to pick and choose what they desire.

Italian favorites can be found at the Soft and Stone offering handcrafted pizza, garlic knots and traditional pastas.  The Classic Kitchen also serves homestyle comfort food, while the Global Fare offers trendy and innovative meals like the local favorites Shrimp & Grits w/ Parmesan Cream Sauce and Low Country Boil.

According to Jessica Thomas, Lexington Independents director of dining services, “We mix it up.  From low country foods to global fare, we appeal to our diverse student population, providing a menu of options that everyone will love in Commons 51 which accommodates 300 students.”

Ms. Thomas notes that a weekly menu cycle may feature Peruvian food, Mexican, Mississippi shrimp bowls to American favorites!  “The one menu item our kids love is the grits!”

Ms. Thomas is proud of her staff of 10, but kudos to Savannah Prep’s Chef William Porter, a trained baker, whose desserts are popular on campus!  Chef prepares a variety of cookies, pastries, pies, and cakes including his delicious strawberry swirled cheesecake and his famous crème Brulé cheesecake!   “Our chef also benchmarks from local restaurants, injecting local flavors into our menus,” says Ms. Thomas.

Expanded snack options also gives students the ability to recharge at The Crossbones Café coffee shop.  Located in an adjacent space next to the Commons 51, The Crossbones Café is open to both students and faculty Monday through Friday, and menus snacks and beverages to dine in or on the go!  “A retail dining venue like The Crossbones Café is unique to schools k-12.  It gives students a taste of how to manage their ‘dollars’ and to feel a little independent when making their purchases!” Ms. Thomas notes.

When visiting The Crossbones Café students who are pre-k through fifth grade can purchase a snack or a freshly made smoothie, while students 13 years old and over can order an iced coffee or Frappuccino.   For breakfast, all students can purchase homemade cinnamon rolls and muffins freshly made by Chef Porter.  Fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits are also offered.  What’s especially popular are our snack packs that include Nutella, graham crackers and fresh strawberries; or pepperoni and cheese, and hummus snacks.

Exciting promotions are also celebrated featuring menu specials to keep dining eventful and an experience for all!

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