Charlotte Country Day School is Top Sustainability Story of the Year 2023!

Lexington Independents

Source: Gingerella, Benita . “10 Sustainability Stories that Resonated with Readers This Year!.” FoodService Director Magazine, 21 December 2023,

Read more about how Executive Chef Jim Stouffer approaches sustainability at Charlotte Country Day School!

According to Executive Chef Jim Stouffer, the dining team creates very little waste at Charlotte Country Day School in North Carolina. When there is leftover food from the kitchen, it is reworked into the menu or composted in the school’s garden.

Stouffer accomplishes this by keeping a careful eye on the food, from when the product arrives to when it goes out to the students.

“I can’t portray enough that my philosophy for food sustainability starts when the food enters the building,” he said. “I truly believe hands-on inventory management is the foresight that every chef should concentrate on if sustainability is one’s concern.”

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